• When you want more than just the normal take out or fast food options

    Get and Go Casseroles creates nutritious and delicious meals for you and your family. Whether you are looking for something for yourself, or looking for something to fill up your family, we have the meal for you!

  • Get and Go Casseroles in Evansville

    We started Get and Go Casseroles because we saw how busy people are today. We don't want you to have to resort to burgers or pizza. You can pick up a casserole, pop it in the oven, relax, and enjoy a great home-cooked meal without a lot of effort.

  • Looking for lunch but don't want to eat fast food?

    Our single serving portions are perfect for that quick lunch. Stop in and take a load off, enjoying home-cooked casseroles!

Avoid fast food and long waits at restaurants.

When you get a casserole at Get and Go Casseroles, you get an entire meal! You can enjoy the comfort of eating at your own home, without having to deal with greasy burgers, fries, or pizzas. Our casseroles are the healthy take out in Evansville, IN that is also tasty - two things that most fast food places cannot offer.

Home made casseroles for the home cooked meal

We make all our casseroles with the best ingredients. When you pick them up from us, there are simple instructions
Drive home.
Remove the lid.
Bake in a preheated, 350 degree oven until an internal temperature of 160 degrees is achieved, approximately 30-40 minutes. If frozen, ADD 20 minutes.
Serve and enjoy!

We offer you service and delicious meals

Casseroles are a full meal in one! Once you heat up one of our casseroles, you can serve yourself or your entire family without having to slave over a stove or microwave. In only 40 minutes, our casseroles can be done and ready to serve. If you give us advanced notice, we will even heat it up for you. That's the type of service we offer!

Get and Go Casseroles is your alternative to fast food and crowded restaurants.

It is a dilemma.  With today’s busy lives, people do not have the time to slave over a hot stove and cook meals, but home cooked meals are more nutritious and taste better.  Perhaps you decide to eat at a sit-down restaurant.  You can fight the crowds, be bumped into, possibly be spilled on, and end up waiting for your drinks, food, and bill before having to drive all the way home again.  All you wanted to do was relax comfortably at home.

We offer a delicious option – take and bake in Evansville, IN!

Get and Go Casseroles are home cooked meals prepared and ready for you to pick up and go.  Unlike other take out places where the meals go cold by the time you reach home, our home cooked meals are prepared so that you can easily heat them up.  Take the casserole home, pop it in the oven, relax for 30-40 minutes, and you have a meal for your family that will fill them up and is nutritious!

Choose from four of our delicious casseroles, or explore the weekly special casserole!  All of our casseroles are mouth-watering and your family will love you for bringing it home.  We have three sizes available to match your family.

If your family cannot decide on which great casserole to share, choose our single-serving sizes.  Each member of your family can have their own delicious casserole meal.

Single serving sizes are also perfect for anyone living alone.  You know you don’t want to go home and cook, so why not pick up a home-cooked meal to enjoy when you get home.  It can be the beginning of a relaxing evening.

Our Half Casseroles are the perfect size for a family of 4-6, or can be made into multiple meals throughout the week.

The Whole Casserole has up to nine meals for the larger family or when you like to prepare dinners and meals for a few days at a time.

Choose your casserole.  Choose your size.  Have a great meal that you will enjoy!

When you want take out in Evansville, choose the home cooked meals that will satisfy your entire family, and is also a healthy take out alternative.  Choose Get and Go Casseroles in Evansville.

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